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Zuid: a design dutch touch
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Can a design item hold inside not just the taste of its designer but also the features of a certain place of the world? The answer is yes as proved by today’s project, a particular lamp called Zuid and designed by Françoise Oostwege. Based in Maastricht, the Dutch designer graduated in 2014 at the Academie of Fine arts and Design in Maastricht and this was actually her final academic project. That is why to her Zuid represents the starting point of her designer career, as she launched her own studio, Çedille, on last November. Zuid is more than a lamp: it tells the story about the Limburg province in the South of The Netherlands, as the characteristics of the Limburg province are brought to life in the lamp’s shape, material and colors.

The traditional timbered houses and mining lamps inspired the shape of the lamp, which looks sleek because of its octagonality. For the wood, the designer selected a Limburg style type of oak wood which also recalls her own life as she grew up in the wooded city of Houthem. Beyond its captivating look, the Zuid lamp can serve multiple functions as the handle enables the user to move it around and create light in any kind of place. Thanks to its natural color and clean, neat look, it easily suits any interior by bringing a touch of femininity to a bedroom, living room and so on. Available in three sizes, Zuid takes a little of The Netherlands around the world.


PHOTO COURTESY: Françoise Oostwege

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