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Zava Design: let there be light!
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Today I am going to buy a lamp! Apparently an easy task to achieve, but actually it is not so easy to find the article that satisfies this desire and combines it with a creative touch.
Paolo Ulian and Caterina di Michele for Zava design have come to a solution for this by presenting their idea of lighting at the Design Week in Milan: Arianna. This is not only a simple lamp, but also a reel around which to coil wires, available in bright colours from purple to firey red, to allow it to fill the whole house. This project brings together creativity and the idea to produce a functional object that is perfect for any occasion.

An innovative idea that captures Zava’s history, born in Treviso by Franco Zavarise, with the aim of unifying traditional italian design with the most advanced techonologies. Zava today is a laboratory that unites four young desginers, Giampaolo Allocco, Enrico Azzimonti, Lorenzo Damiani and Paolo Ulian, whom, with creatitvity and innovation, have presented the new collection of lamps at the Fuorisalone 2013, remaining true to the anticonformist choices of their company and their will to offer an innovative vision for lighting, maintaining eco-sustainable values of which the founder has always been a keen spokesman.
We are not only speaking about design and about the intertwine between the rigidity of iron and the etherealness of light, but also about the attention to details that ZAVA gives to create an establishment which is completely sustainable, uses solar panels, recycles thermal energy and uses processes that do not use toxic or acid susbtances.

ZAVA lamps: “Imagining the future is the root to a satisfaction in the present.”


PHOTO: Courtesy ZAVA Design

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