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Wire S#: see through design
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Stainless steel 2x2cm square netting for essential, feminine, smooth colorful forms. Wire S# is a design furniture collection by duo Muller Van Severen, who participated in the Solo Houses project by designing a range that is as unique as the houses of the project that have been designed by the best architects of our era. The aim of Wire S# is bringing a constant lightness feel by allowing the eyes to see through such interesting pieces of design, which are present and absent at the same time due to their transparency.

Moreover, they are extremely versatile as their material makes them suitable both for indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the contrast between whole and transparency, the Wire S# design pieces do not impose themselves on the users, yet they appear pretty sculptural. Solidity versus fragility, whole versus transparency, minimalism versus powerful colors, all together with an accurate employment of material. These are the ingredients that turn a neat collection into an almost futuristic one, summing up the best features of contemporary design: form, concept and beauty.


PHOTO COURTESY: Muller Van Severen

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