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White color - the real Star at Sanremo Festival
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, a color that has always been a symbol of light, stillness and silence. A symbol of purity, which conveys an idea of refinement and tranquility to the surrounding environment and which is once again the most widespread chromatic choice among those who appreciate design and style.
Those who choose white as the main color of their homes, choose it not because it’s just the color of the moment, or because imposed by the dictates and gurus of design world, but they choose it above all for its absolute simplicity, because it is able to stand out the spaces and surfaces and give an immediate sense of freshness. It is also a versatile color, easy to combine with other colors, which are even more prominent, and can be combined with any type of style.
And it is precisely in these days that the White returns to be the undisputed interpreter on one of the stages, if not the most important stage in Italy: the Sanremo Festival.
After being an inspiration, last year, for Claudio Balestri, Oikos President, in the creation of an unprecedented event during the Milan Design Week called "White in the City" that involved the most famous architects of the world under the artistic direction by Giulio Cappellini, this year it has inspired the Festival's Artistic Director, Claudio Baglioni, with the scenography "The white canvas" by Emanuela Trixie Zitkowsky.

The White color will not only be present in the setting, but also in the promotional spot that sees the three conductors dressed as exceptional painters while they enjoy coloring a semicircle on a white wall, each with a paint roller and a brush, a white jumpsuit and ecological paints colored.

"The White: the force in a bravely white scene, which gives rise to creativity, imagination and it colors the Sanremo’s stage, something that is rare to see on TV because it is difficult to manage, a white painting that during the evenings will be smeared with all the other colors ", with these words Claudio Baglioni wanted to explain the meaning behind this choice.

In addition, the White is also the protagonist of the advertising campaign of Oikos launched concurrently with Sanremo evenings, from the live motive: "White. The White Oikos, the ecological painting that furnishes the house", in which a young couple interprets a typical moment of family life struggling with a decision.
Three main themes included in the spot:
- the White color, as a chromatic choice,
- the innovative possibility of 187 new whites,
- the Ecology, where you can finally breathe healthy air at home without toxic elements.
White. The White Oikos, the ecological painting that furnishes the house is the result of many years of research and work done internally and in collaboration with the best architects in the world, for its strong innovative component, received the Confindustria Award 2017 for innovation, confirming the strong values contained in the project.
We could therefore say that the White as painting for the walls, color for the scenography, title for a song, clothing for musicians and conductors is really the true protagonist of this singing edition, as it was last year during the Milan Design Week, where all the prestigious buildings of Brera had been enveloped in ecological paintings by Oikos in a White in the City atmosphere, the white in the city.


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