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Where tradition meets innovation: discovering Rotem Guy's style
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A traditional Israeli village, that is a moshav, is the unexpected location where architect and designer Rotem Guy staged a unique, thorough interior design project aimed at both revolutionizing a house and preserving its own identity.

Born in Porat, north of Tel Aviv, the Israeli talent, Rotem Guy, found himself dealing with a 1951 house originally built for a Libyan Jewish family. Tiny and simple, the property still featured the traditional Jewish arrangement and decoration from the Fifties, which became non functional with the passing of time and the changing of the lodgers. Guy's project came in to renovate the place in order to meet the needs of the new owners, a chef and a designer. 

First of all the property was enlarged to 100 square meters by adding new rooms; the new spaces, however, looked too new and different from the old ones, therefore the architect decided to stress such difference through a unique decoration. The original wood beam flooring in gray was preserved and paired to the snow-white tiles on the new floors.

The two-colored result opens up the space, using the tight gray original surface as a dividing element that crosses the entire house, separating each space from the others. Each room still serves the original purpose, yet has a completely different look. Tiles, ceramic, steel furniture, design tables and chairs decorate the space by bringing in an industrial touch that gets emphasized by steel items, handcrafted chandeliers and essential lines, as well as lively hints of color. The overall style is contemporary, unique and bold, but also features vintage pieces of furniture.

The result is a functional modern home that tastes both contemporary and authentic. As authentic as Guy's grandparents, who were the actual first owners of the place.


PHOTO COURTESY: Yoav Peled / Peled Studios

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