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Waterproof bathroom, an innovative creation by Rui Pereira
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On the occasion of the 2013 Fuorisalone in Milan, Ventura Lambrate gallery has hosted a revolutionary design piece: a bathroom dedicated to those who don’t want to get wet. A challenging project realized by a design team led by Rui Pereira from Portugal and Ryosuke Fukusada from Japan. Rui Pereira, born in Portugal and now based in Milan, gives to each of his creation an ironic touch which derives from his focus on the interaction between a design piece and its owner, with the aim of creating new ways of experiencing an object. One of the results of this research is the first bathroom featuring a waterproof flooring. Unlikely the regular floors, there’s no wood, steel or marble involved but instead cork, the waterproof insulating not-allergic material par excellence. 

Crazy but true. Each piece of this Bug Collection is made of cork, such as soap dish, mirror, shelves and towel rack. This creates a room that can fit in each apartment thanks to the Japanese touch of its design as well as the superb cork manufacturing typical of Portugal. These pieces of furniture turn the bathroom into a news pace which does not need to be cleaned up and requires just a very low maintenance. Pereira’s creations are also aimed at sensitizing people towards the environment, by using the media to deliver green messages to society.


Photo Courtesy of Rui Pereira

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