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Wafer: tasty collection
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Sometimes a playful fun look hides a sophisticated process: that’s the case of Wafer collection - named after the confectionery reminded by its own pattern - created by Stockholm-based Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects studio. Designed to be noticed at first sight, the range is the result of the achievement of two tough challenges: on the one hand, to combine two types of wood (walnut and maple); on the other, to seamlessly morph round-section legs that meet flat planes.

Each piece of the range – created by the combination between technology and handicraft offered by its quality manufacturer Matsuso T – is characterized by the two-colored pattern which has a different scale for each piece, fitting the size and geometry best. The broadest spaced stripes belongs to the chair which features thin outer edges yet a much thicker core. Made from solid wood, via combination of 3-D cutting and hand finishing, the piece is the ’prize’ of the collection. Its seat is purposefully curved more generously than anything that can be achieved with normal wood veneer lamination and the striped effect accentuates this.

The Wafer shelf displays denser stripes but the same thing edges from the chair. The shelves proportionally reduce in size as they rise towards the top whilst the leg supports also have the radiused joint detail seen on the underside of the chair where the legs meet the seat. Thanks to its narrow size, it fits any room of the house and can be both put against a wall or used as a freestanding item to be exploited at its best.

Last but not least, the Wafer table presents the thinner pattern of the range and the same narrow proportions from the shelf. Light, handy and easy to move, it is a multifunctional design item, to be put both on the side of the bed or beside sofas and armchairs.



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