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Volkshotel's Special rooms: design extravaganza
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Design, quality and originality: Amsterdam’s Volkshotel can be described by these three words. Why? Because of its nine Special Rooms, whose nine different designers were selected among 40 professionals who submitted their ideas. From the jukebox-themed room to the one that makes you feel inside a tree-house, each project features a unique design that involves any part of the room, from flooring to windows and bathroom. Each young designer had two “simple” tasks: designing a very original room and being involved in the entire process of making. The resulting 9 rooms are not just an exclusive interior design project but the actual embodiment of the inner world of each of the participants.

The Special Rooms includes the Bathing Bikou, by Hanna Maring, which focuses on the importance of bathing in a hotel. The room represents a comprehensive experience that merges together bathing, sleeping and relaxing, amid a intimate warm atmosphere that is enhanced by the natural colors of the palette. The Johnny Jukebox room, by Remco Gonggrijp, is all about the music, with a music system fully integrated into the design with ceiling-high speakers in the walls and a large speaker above the bed, so that visitors can listen to what they love... loudly. The room is enriched by several music-themed vintage details, such as LPs and cassettes. The Soixante Neuf room, by Rosa Lisa Winkel, features a more sensual and mysterious mood that creates a sense of suspense in the visitor with its minimalistic design. The centerpiece is the steel bed that seems almost flying above the gloss epoxy floor.



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