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Grandma’s armchairs, industrial wood flooring, a Grunding record player, antique prints on the walls: these are some of the ingredients of this apartment located in Milan’s traditional Bovisa district, within a Thirties building. Lorena Masdea, the owner, is a young architect and interior designer who led the renovation of the 90 square meters space. Keyword: low cost.
The entrance features a graphic optical painting on the front wall, an Fifties office piece of furniture and a vintage-like coat rack. The wall beside the door displays black and white photo prints as well as an old light eye-test-chart which hides the electricity meter.
To combine kitchen and living room in the same space, the architect has used a light blue hue to create a sense of continuity along the living area, which features a personal-style decoration. The apartment is characterized by a combination of modernist and design objects from the Fifties up to the Eighties, like Plastic rocking Chair RAR by Eames, Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni or Sleep-o-matic sofa by Marco Zanuso, as well as a Fourties coffee table with a glass serigraphed top, leather-lined old Danish chairs and a former laboratory chandelier put above the grandad’s desk now employed as dining table.

A small hallway in dark blue separates the living room from the studio, which is also employed as guest room. This space features small iron pieces of furniture, a Fifties red armchair and several graphic prints, in a pleasant color-contrast between the walls. The master bedroom is simple, just like the bathroom which features a minimalistic decoration and a processed concrete floor.
The apartment is cozy and warm, yet it has a bold character, as proved by the strong choices in terms of furniture. A contemporary interpretation of vintage style, creating a unique unforgettable interior.


Photo Courtesy Luisa Valieri


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