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Valeria Cifala': an artist projected in the future
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Valeria Cifalà can be defined as a 360 degree artist: designer, graphic designer, video maker, fashion designer, painter and sculptor.
Her passion for everything that is creative takes shape in the realization of her design projects, which are distinguished by a touch of originality. This originality is the plasticity in the forms, inspired by the various artistic periods.
She is a constantly evolving professional thanks to her lively observation curiosity, from which she generates her original creative style. Style characterized by a futuristic touch and the use of essential and simple shapes that give a modern and minimal design.

Her secret is also in the choice of materials, in the originality of the approaches and contrasts, and in that peculiar courage for the experimentation that are the property of this artist who, through her works, can blend past and present into the future.
Her projects are designed for a world that is inspired by contemporary technologies, innovation and originality, and her continuous research in trying to blend together different suggestions and spaces of creativity, is reflected both in her personality and in her artistic and professional career.
Her passion and her unique style can be seen in our showroom with "Jasmine" sofa, a "futuristic" seat featuring essential lines, without sacrificing practicality and comfort. Made of a wooden frame with metal inserts, an expanded polyurethane padding and an eco-leather and microfiber lining with double seam stitching for maximum seal.
A sophisticated and complex work that gives a meaningful and refined home atmosphere, thanks to the use of particularly soft materials that allow it to offer the best comfort.



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