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Twist & Turn: shelf revolution
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Among the wide range of pieces of furniture, shelving solutions are probably the most predictable and boring element as their appearance is always dictated by their functionality, so it’s not easy to see innovative shelving systems in terms of shape.

Swedish designer Stephen George has decided to change this status for good by creating a shelving tower that could actually be challenging and original in terms of look and form: this led to the invention of Twist & Turn. The name of the project speaks for itself: this design object is the actual result of the twisting and turning of a standard shelving system, in order to create an unexpected product.

Unlike regular shelving solutions, Twist & Turn doesn’t come with a specific front and back but changes its visual appearance based on the angle it is placed or viewed from.

Made out of steel rod, with a marble base to keep the tower steady, this piece of furniture is all about three-dimension and perspective, which are employed to contrast the squareness of many standard shelving solutions. Thanks to its unique shape and subtle color, it suits both residential and commercial interiors, bringing in a new idea of shelves which are no longer characterized by their mere function but instead have a bold aesthetic feature.

With a height of 180 cm, Twist & Turn proves to be an innovative design item where storage space is not compromised by the original unconventional appearance.



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