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Transformed Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility
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Utopia & Utility: a name that says it all. This brand has presented a vase collection called Stacking Vessels at the Ventura Lambrate studio on the occasion of the Fuorisalone. Founded by brother and sister Moritz and Pia Wüstenberg, who share the love for handicraft, this brand is aimed at creating quality handcrafted products, combining fantasy and functionality.
Transformed Stacking Vessels has been launched for the first time during the 2011 London Design Festival. These creations made of glass, wood and pottery change their shape depending on the perspective you look at them: they are symmetrical on the front and asymmetrical on the side.  

Vases yet sculptures, made of glass and available in several shapes, sizes and colors such as blue, emerald green and strawberry pink. They are formed by three different parts which can be assembled to one’s taste, in order to fulfill the aim they have been made for: enriching life and reality through the beauty. A biochemical engineer and a designer, working together to create light sculptures bringing a fantastic and hedonistic touch to reality.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Utopia & Utility

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