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Traces: literally handmade
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When design and art merge, collectible products happen, as proved by today's featured project whose name perfectly recalls its strong tactile side. Traces is a limited-edition range by architect and designer Sophie Dries in collaboration with ceramic brand Thomas Viviant and artist Michael Moore, whose metal processing is very renowned. Launched on the occasion of the last design week in Milan through the exhibit of a collection specifically produced for the event, Traces represents the meeting point between matter and concept, with 8 limited run design items (vases and candle holders) specifically produced on request.

The main feature of the project is the investigation of the relation and juxtaposition between raw material and quality processing, which involves two different yet evergreen materials: ceramic and metal. The name of the collection recalls the actual traces that the hand processing leaves on ceramic products before they get cooked, the unique mark that stands for handicraft. Moreover, these traces constitutes a continuum that links today with the whole history of handmade items, from the very beginning to big names like Ettore Sottsass, to whom the collection pays homage. Designed by Sophie Dries, these design items feature a metallic part processed by Michael Moore, and a ceramic one by Thomas Viviant: the result is a product that embodies the actual essence of handicraft, with a literal use of “made by hand” that gives up on any mechanical technique, including molds. Thanks to its essential forms and contrasting colors, the texture of the matter becomes the sole protagonist, with its juxtaposition between smooth and rough. A much detailed product that only hand processing can achieve, as a trace of both our history and the designer's hands.


PHOTO COURTESY: Cecilia Musmeci (Le Paradox agency)

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