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TID takes over the internet: introducing the e-commerce for designers
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Make way for young people: by following this simple yet crucial philosophy, has expanded its website with a brand new e-commerce section.

Since its creation, TID’s mission is to help and promote the best of design on the International stage, by supporting young and emerging designers to create a network of design-lovers and professionals, aimed at developing an easier more efficient demand-supply interaction.

A simple way to discover the most suitable idea to any need and personal taste; an efficient way to directly get in touch with the Architect that mostly reflects the demands of a potential client willing to design a new house, office or room. Through a simple upload platform, designers can log into the website to display their creations and projects. From now on they will also be able to sell their products on the brand new TID e-commerce platform, arisen from the will of the professionals and design-lovers forming the TID team.

This new project is aimed at ‘democratizing’ TID website by allowing designers – even those who can’t afford promoting and selling themselves – to showcase their projects. Launched a few days ago, the e-commerce space targets interior and exterior design objects, to get product designers easily in touch with the public thanks to this quick simple affordable way to spread their creations.

An innovative way to buy the latest ideas, appreciate emerging talents and decorate an interior by anticipating the future design trends.


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