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TID Show-room: unique exclusive pieces showcased in Milan
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Since day one, TID – The Network for Design Lovers – has been trying to provide subscribers and users with better and better services and solutions.
At first we made designers upload their interior design, architecture and product design projects on our portal; then we witnessed an ever growing number of professionals and journalists eager to collaborate with us on posts, researches and interviews to catch our readers’ attention.
Our website and forum have been written in two languages since the beginning, to immediately prove our global international attitude - as design has no boundaries - in order to make architects and designers interact with each other and with design lovers too.
About one year after the launch of the project, the team of TID started working on the development of an e-commerce section where to market unique exclusive design products, which has been online since last September.
Finally, we’ve just launched our new TID website, to offer a more intuitive functional experience to every user including those browsing on smartphones and tablets.

There was just one more thing missing: a place where to meet professionals and design lovers in person to showcase our designers’ works. Although everything nowadays happens online, rapidly and frantically, we do believe unique objects must be admired and touched with eyes and hands, to fully appreciate the designers’ sensations and artistic creativity. This led us to the creation of the TID Showroom, which will officially be open to public on May 6 and be in business, by appointment only, until the end of Expo 2015… however, we are sure it will probably become a permanent exhibit space where to showcase the most exclusive and interesting international design works.
We chose the Isola district because of its vibrant artistic feel that makes it one of the most dynamic and ever-growing areas in town. That’s why you will find our show-room at 18, via Medardo Rosso.
The first designers showcased in our space will be , , ,  and . Their design works will be matched with pictorial and sculptural artworks by Paco Falco and Luciano Melis as we do believe art and design are two complementary worlds sharing similar languages and ways of expression. This idea will be the common ground of any exhibited piece.

We hope many of you will pop up at the Show-room: if you happen to be in Milan to visit the 2015 Expo, either on a leisure or a business trip, don’t forget to jot down our address and schedule an appointment.

In a few days we will also plan the program of the art and design events that will liven up our 200 square meter space when the sun goes down.

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