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The creative firm Curti Lamiere has launched Curti Metallo, a brand entirely dedicated to home furniture. On the occasion of the 2013 Fuorisalone, Curti Lamiere has turned from a metal sheet company into a competitive design producer.
Seven designers, Pietro Bastia, Daniela Boni, Ernesto Messineo, Mr.Less & Mrs.More, Enrico Pastorello, Studio 06, Sara Verlicchi, have created several prototypes by using only one material, the metal sheet. Then, their products have been presented in the exhibition THERE WAS NO DESIGN BEFORE,which took place in the Ventura Lambrate district.
All of this has been realized thanks to the collaboration between Curti Metallo and YouTool,whichhas been offering to emerging designers the chance to quickly produce and sell their creations since 2011. 

This cooperation has brought to the creation of P-Chair, Infinity, Citybook, El Sombrero, Ics, Saddle, Aperta Parentesi, Uovo e C Collection. These furniture pieces have been produced by the above-mentioned seven designers, skillfully selected by YouTool. They have realized what the brand wanted: pieces of furniture mixing identity and sense of humor all together. Enrico Pastorello’s bathroom collection is characterized by the letter C, recurring on the napkin case, as well as the bench, the towel rack, the magazine case and the toilet brush case, all made of black or white steel.
Mr. Less & Mrs. More (a.k.a. Antonella Di Luca e Ubaldo Righi) have designed Citybook. El Sombrero coffe-table and Ics & Saddle, by Studio 06, challenge the heaviness of the raw material by offering super-light furniture pieces. Uovo is a lamp by Daniela Boni characterized by a play between creation symbolism, color and painting.Finally, Aperta Parentesi is a coat rack inspired to the trees and their continuous and infinite growth from soil to sky.
Despite their metal materials, these pieces present minimal design and ultra-thin thickness, allowing to both decor and re-interpret an interior space.


PHOTO: Courtesy Luca Capuano

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