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Italiano Inglese Russo greets a new family member: SPAZIO TID
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Baranzate 2015 – Just outside Milan, at via Pordoi 8 in Baranzate, unveils the brand new Spazio TID, a captivating place caught in between industrial and street style where to discover innovative design products and art pieces by selected new national and international talents of the field.

Spazio TID covers over 1.000 square meters formerly belonging to a local printing firm, with many old plate printers scattered around the space to create a continuum between past and present. The location itself has a specific purpose: creating new venues near the former Expo area and the city’s main exhibition centre to make art and design bring suburban districts to a new life, beyond the usual central areas.

Following the opening of the first atelier located at Via Medardo Rosso in Milan, the team of has been always believing in the potential of the new Spazio, which is going to become an ever-changing creative space as well as the stage for artistic and cultural meeting and exhibits, thanks to the abundant scale of the place that further enriches Spazio.
Spazio TID already hosts many artworks and design pieces of furniture showcased in a very dynamic and creative way, with ad hoc setups aimed at giving the public a new sense of design.

Among the showcased works, the art/design pieces by Anacleto Spazzapan, one of the highlights of, the captivating creations by Simone Cappellanti, the luxury dog and cat beds by Alessandra Fagnani, marble and basalt lamps by Matlight, Ingrid Sol Leccia’s Altalena, Arkof furniture and bookcases, Aurora Glass Design chairs, Basematters rugs; moreover, Carapace Design furniture, Andrea Ciappesoni’s lamps, the unique pieces by Giovanni Minelli, the funny and sweet chairs by Li-Ving design, recycled cardboard sculptures and furniture by NextMAde and the soft creative lamps by Judith Byberg.

The exhibition path also includes many pieces of furniture by Pollo Design, Vergaplast, Studio Algoritmo, Night Created Design, Studio Oxi, Hunter Officine, Vittorio Passaro as well as the lamps by Wissenlux and Irregolare, and the creations by Mario Pagliaro, Fabio Crimi and Giuliano Ricciardi. Spazio TID also features small pieces of furniture by Playdesign, Silvia Cassetta, Maoli, Groove Design, Insilvis, It's Stone, Portego and Layla Mehdi Pour.

The new eclectic Spazio in Baranzate also hosts Neapolitan artists such as Gennaro Regina and Paco Falco, as well as Luciano Melis’s paintings and Gastone Scarabello’s photos. Everything is aimed at creating temporary exhibitions based on the thorough, refined and innovative artistic research of TID.

To keep track of the events and news from Spazio TID visit the Facebook Page:  
Some of the showcased pieces can be purchased online at 

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