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The window on the garage. In Japan the cars are placed in the living room
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Five stars garage in luxury villas with super cars are something ordinary, but in Japan there is an exception that is a villa where the super car becomes the centrepiece within the modern home. This special story takes place in Tokyo, in the exclusive Shirokane neighbourhood where a millionaire ordered the architect Takuya Tsuchida this exceptional work in 2010 that gave him celebrity and allowed him to win several awards.
This is a villa that includes a nine-car garage with the possibility of viewing one from the living room (being a millionaire it is not so unusual), but the extravagance of this rich client could be find in his special request: as a matter of fact he expected to choose which car should stay from time to time in his living room thanks to a car lift able to move the car from the garage to the living area. The architect has been completely able to fulfill this remarkable request thanks to a mechanism made up of elevators and plumbing.

What is the result? The so called Kre House villa with wide open spaces and high ceilings where one of the nine super cars emerges in succession in the spacious living room thanks to a special car lift that gives the client the possibility to choose which car shows. Lamborghini becomes the undisputed protagonist in a living space where white, steel and windows (one of them facing the garage directly) dominate and where the furniture is used to emphasize the presence of the car between the living room and the kitchen.
A very good choice for those who love cars, indeed.  There already had been the American designer Olger Schubert who wanted his Ferrari in the living room; that’s why he had decided to create a real ramp for taking the car directly at home causing the disappointing of all his neighbourhood. On the contrary, the system realized by Tsuchida gives the car lover’s the possibility to have their car in the living room without annoying anyone.


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