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The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Glas
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Tempered crystal, futuristic forms and glazed bases: these are the intrinsic elements of Glas, whose products are characterized by extra-light details and a transparent look.
On the occasion of the 2013 Salone del Mobile Fair, Glas has presented a furniture collection designed in collaboration with well-known personalities such as Piero Lissoni and Garth Roberts.
Piero Lissoni has created Funghetto, a table range of tall round tables with a tempered crystal surface, available either opaque or glazed.  Garth Roberts has designed Quake, a sculpted table entirely made of crystal, whose shape combines simplicity and irregularity.

Looking for a revolutionary mirror? Try with  Chair e Mirror Stool by Nendo, from Japan. These structures combines crystal mirrors and chairs, creating sort of metaphysical elements which are available either as chairs or stools.  The seatback is characterized by a metal shimmering finishing, which fades into a proper reflective mirror made of extra-light crystal. Along the mirrors, Glas has presented Deep Sea by Nendo, a low table and bookcase collection made of crystal, whose color turns from light-blue to grey depending on how the various elements approach one to another.
PRISM mirror, by Tokujin Yoshioka also presents a sort of trick of light. The 2013 collection includes mirrors finished off with a shiny faceting square, rectangle and octagon-shaped.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Glas

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