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The Third Millenium on the stage of the 2013 Fuorisalone
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Ancient communities, exquisite textiles and rugs: this is Nomadismi, an exhibition hosted at the Altai Gallery during the 2013 Design week. By combining cutting-edge design with ancient textiles, this project is aimed at highlighting the contemporary trend of going back to a sort of nomadism. Lidewij Edelkoort and the head of the museum Raffaele Carrieri worked together to trace a return to the ancient attitude of nomadism within the current 2.0 era. In order to do so they have selected many ordinary contemporary objects as well as ancient tapestries and textiles which used to belong to the old nomadic communities wandering around the world in the past.

Technology, wireless networks, Skype… these means have released us from the obligation of staying in only one precise place to do our daily duties such as work calls and conferences, which can now be held remotely. We no longer need to remain in a single place, neither we have strict working hours. Everything is more flexible and suits our needs in a better way, creating a new on-the-move lifestyle that has been represented by some of the multifunctional portable objects featured in the exhibition. Antonio Aricò is one of the designers who took part in this project: his creations, combined to Altai collection’s rugs, have interpreted this journey between past and present, a new lifestyle that brings us to improvise and create our own home almost anywhere.
Nomadismi: new forms, materials e employments, combining contemporary living with far old communities and cultures.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Antonio Aricò

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