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The Snow Queen lives in Copenhagen
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Vedbaek House, just outside Copenhagen, is one of Norm Architects studio’s  more spectacular project, featuring the color optical white as main character, which appears both on the walls and on the painted parquet floor. Two floors linked by a stairway that stands out in the lower wall-less floor: an open space featuring just the fire place as original element of the former house. Only one wall separates the kitchen from the living room, in order to preserve the calmness of the living space. Everything in the kitchen is all-white too, except one shelf whose wood recurs in several pieces of furniture of the other rooms.

A neat geometrical interior whose neutral color clashes with the surrounding bright green garden overlooked by the glass-walls. Light is the core element of the house, as proved by the presence of huge white-and-gold-framed skylights creating suggestive light effects, and by the employment of hidden led lights above the kitchen worktop. The house is built over a basement accessible through a glass trapdoor, thanks to a water pump: a space dedicated to wine storage which has remained unchanged to offer a sign of the former building. Norm Architects: a fairy world dragged into reality.


Photo courtesy of Norm Architects

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