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The prefabricated house turns nice
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Prefab and design. Two apparently distant concepts as it really was before MORE studied a whole houses collection to renew this relation thanks to a new higher meaning. The aim of this starting project is the satisfaction of all need thanks to housing solutions adaptable to buyers’ lifestyle and tastes avoiding left to chance and standard solutions.
The architect Vittorio Moretti and his team have realized a new way of thinking prefabricated, creating a house suitable for each surroundings. This house will be ready in eight weeks with all the systems and furniture, when requested, thanks to the partnership with companies like Poliform.

Flexibility becomes the keyword and all the houses will be located depending on the orientation of the sun to obtain optimal light exploiting the solar panels the best way as possible in order to guarantee a renewable source of energy. Moreover, they are able to adapt themselves to thermal shock of each season through pergolas, greenhouses, double height buildings and ground spaces.
And if you think “where is the cheat?”. The answer is nowhere. These structures are made considering urban, historical and geographical context in total safety thanks to an earthquake-proof system that ensures the perfect behaviour in case of a similar disaster. The house collection is complete but actually you can find only “Casa Uno” in Erbusco (BS) while the other creations that is Casa Patio, Casa Tetto, Casa Q and Casa Linea exist just on the paper.  They each respond to a particular shape, square footage (from 120 sq.m. up to 300 sq.m.) and features depending on customers needs.


Photo: Courtesy MORE

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