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The material art of Ilaria Bochicchio
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Ilaria Bochicchio went to the Artistic Secondary School in Basilicata, italian southern region where she was born in 1988, after the diplome she moved to Rome where she attendend IED, oriented in illustration and multimedia animation.
After three years of study she felt necessary a specialization, so she moved to Milan, where she ahe attended the Mimaster in illustration, in the same year it’s been published her first illustrated book: “Adrian wants to go to school”, which tells the story of a rom child. Now the book has been adopted by Amnesty International.
The second Milanese year has been even more satisfying: she participated at MostraMi, she did many personal and collective exhibition, and she realized the illustrations for Luciano Minerva’s book “The real story of Paul the octopus”.
When she’s asked to answer what’s art for her, she answers: “Art in my opinion can be divided in two big sets: art for itself, the beauty, the ephemeral that gladden only the look and art with a message, an idea, a concept, an emotion very often hard to understand. At the end there is the set that blends the two things and it’s the higher artistic expression that gladden the look and the spirit”.
Her art is reality, all her characters exist, there’s nothing invented.
Anything that surrounds her is inspiration for her artworks, impetuous, emotional, and positive, Ilaria doesn’t bear monotony.

With #Chambres Ilaria gives birth to material paintings that are what’s left of interior bodies.
In Ilaria’s hands, skin, plaster and colors become real living sculptures. Her bodies are covered by gesso then removed, the result is the feeling of detachment from the canvas for finding what has gained shape. The body remains contracted in an implosion inside and over itself.
The artworks realized by Ilaria Bochicchio show a deep connection with performance, that’s because they come directly from an irrational impulse, where apathetic bodies move in their rooms, and the artist tells us about it: “The matter makes the mass composed by layers of color canceled under the white shell. Sexual, asexual, erotics, slowly drag themselves with the heaviness of abandon and with the comfort of nudity.
Between the artist and her actress protagonists is born a unique and absolute relationship, almost like there was a narrate voice made of looks and actions where takes part also music.
Ilaria explains that “performance was born with improvisation , because it’s necessary that all that happens is true and real. Other fundamental element is musique, because when I paint I’m totally involved into music. In the performance notes follow my movements with aa perfect synchrony that accentuate any emotion”. 


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