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The Importance of the Obvious: the sweetest design
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The actual ultimate combination of design and kitchen is called The Importance of the Obvious a furniture collection by German designer Matthias Borowski, co-founder of Kollektiv Plus Zwei studio along with Stefanie Högl. This furniture range was inspired by the five senses which are totally involved during cooking and baking. Like a real chef, Matthias mixed more and more design ingredients to have the perfect result. The collection is all about sweets with candy-shaped chairs, nougat-shaped stools, cannoli-benches and baby pink seats with sugar topping. Each piece is the result of a complicated plastic manufacturing aimed at creating multi-layered colorful objects enriched by various visual effects.

The nougat is made out of wood and resin whilst candies look more than realistic thanks to the employment of transparent pigmented resin. The project’s focus is the role of food in society, therefore last year the designers also presented an edible piece of furniture made of a coffee table and a white-chocolate chair.


Photo Courtesy of Kollektiv Plus Zwei

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