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The cosmopolitan features by Kenzo Maison
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Light and shadow, exterior and interior spaces, nature and cosmopolitan age. Kenzo Maison collection is characterized by antithetical elements and the centrality of furniture. In the haute couture picture frame that is France, the Japanese designer studies his maison collection changing the domestic environment into a real mix of cultures in a new vision and perspective of wandering and continuous fusion to create a collection that rejects any attempt to be fixed.
The designer searches for the correct balance between comfort and innovation in respect of a fil rouge with different inspirations both for homes and fashion shows. Cosmopolitan environment with severe lines, shadows and refined details - thanks to the introduction of materials such as gray oak, leather and chrome metal finishes -  come always out on furniture, lamps and fabrics together with a strong connection with nature due to tinged clothes from crimson to orange up to indigo with floral and vegetal themes.

Even a sofa as Boulevard characterized by solid and enveloping one color lines enriches itself through floral and peonies pillows simultaneously with the use of ancient prints that provide pouf Yoshi the typical floral touch of the designer. The furnishings with its colors become the heart and the true essence of the collection that ranges from static forms such as the library Croix where touches of smooth wooden lacquered geometric shapes divide the space together with the choice of fabrics shifting from jacquard to real velvet with decorations and colors that help to conceive Kenzo maison as the perfect fusion between the Zen philosophy and the cosmopolitan soul. Unusual shapes and unexpected colors for a house where neither rules nor boundaries exists and where the creative touch of the artist can easily come out without betraying his sophisticated Eastern soul.

INFO: Club House Italia realizes and distributes the furnishing of Kenzo Maison ()

FOTO: Courtesy per Kenzo Maison e prezzo su richiesta

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