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Suspended vases by Melissa Hruskaa
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Have you ever thought of your house as a greenhouse? Maybe not, but someone has: it’s Melissa Hruskaa, who designed Himmeli vase collection.

Her work is inspired by her passion for North Europe, nature and world contemplation. Her pieces are aimed at adorning a space without overloading it, as proved by her geometrical suspended vases made out of sticks, which create light plays beside holding flowers and plants.

The whole range targets both big and small living spaces: its name, Himmeli, originates from himmel, the Scandinavian equivalent of sky and paradise. Created for winter solstice celebrations, these copper and brass adornments have a greeting meaning and can change the shape based on their spot. Many simple forms, like flower and crown, enhanced by feathers to create a further sense of lightness. Modern minimalistic objects that will swing with just a puff of wind.

Vases are no longer heavy and bulky, they now simply add a golden or green touch coming out of a light string. 


Photo Courtesy Melissa Hruskaa 

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