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Studiooxi: the power of synergy
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Let's talk about the launch of the studio: what did you expect?

The studio was launched as a collective platform, a co-working space among professionals where to merge different experiences and ideas. Having no expectations was one of the reasons of the studio's growth.
Our sharing-oriented vision led to a synergy among three professionals, a complete team that has been creating a rich network of more professionals from different fields and companies, in order to fulfill an ever-growing number of different demands. In this way  can manage its projects at any stage, from architecture to final product, from interior decoration to graphics and web design.

What is the common feature of your projects?

Each project is a different story. The path that leads to the design of a project is always a collective brainstorming involving the skills and expertise of any participant, to create a new multifaceted approach to the object to make our project unique and customized.

Which of your works best represents your philosophy?

Each work has its own philosophy as it derives from an accurate study of the client's demands as well as the location and the space. Thanks to our professionals and their expertise we get to interpret the project in order to create a new mood of sensations by using materials, lights, shadows, empty and full spaces.
One of the projects that reflect this interpretative approach is Hair Glamour, an eclectic fresh spa just outside Florence, dedicated to beauty and style. Awarded with the international 2013 PIDA Award, it ranked first in the wellness centers classification.

What are your sources of inspirations and reference models?

Each project, no matter which, comes from a detailed accurate search that leaves nothing to chance. This results in a style and sensation knowledge that the studio exploits for any of its projects.
There are many sources of inspiration from both architecture and design fields, but we don't want to imitate neither a specific trend nor any trendy professional. Like the Italian stilnovismo said, the pleasure of researching is first of all the look that elevates the observer's soul; that is why the studio is always up for the organization of study trips – even abroad – to visit the most meaningful places for the professional growth of its members.
Many projects surely feature a Fifties' style as it is much appreciated particularly in the interior design field.

How important is to choose recycled materials?

The interior design field has been stressing the importance of recycling for quite a long time, and fortunately it has now turned into a creative process that makes a designer gives new life to an item as well as create a more unique piece unlike the depersonalized Ikea-like objects.
A unique piece is the detail that makes a space unique too.

What's your favorite material?

First of all  values the materiality of materials, that is the essence, the power, the actual mass they're made of, even at a row unprocessed stage. Wood, ,  play a crucial role in the studio's artistic expression.
Wood is a key player in both architecture and interior design because of its tactile features and pliability: it is changeable and can warm any kind of space. Moreover, it is crucial to the green-architecture field where it now replaces the traditional architectural procedures.



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