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Studio Baag: unconventional lighting
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Studio Baag has been founded in 2010 by Swedish designer Caroline Bauer and Italian architect Pier Francesco Galuppini, with the purpose of creating unique pieces of furniture which combine beauty and functionality. Bauer, from Malmö, is specialized in interior design whilst Galuppini, from La Spezia, is qualified in residential and business projects: together they conduct a continuous research by creating pieces characterized by new materials and modern technologies. Their creations are eco-friendly and deliberately unordinary, presenting various shapes, sizes and inspirations.

They presented two lamps at the 2013 Salone Satellite: Stasis and Piroquette, both displaying an unconventional astonishing design. Stasis is entirely made of painted sheet steel, and assembled by using four small domes of industrial production. In a game of equal and opposite forces that cancel out all the domes reciprocally, Stasis is left in a constant state of stability. Piroquette is a desk lamp made of oak wood, with brass and plexiglass details, presenting a design inspired by the spinning top shape. Steadiness on one side, movement on the other: these two lamps share a powerful expressive appeal, as well as the combination between different styles, materials and designs, to create an ultra minimal appearance.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Studio Baag

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