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STORK: size does matter!
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A 1100 square meter industrial space, a captivating location and most of all two quality architecture studios, CUBE and SOLUZ: these were the successful ingredients for the creation of the biggest fish restaurant of both Amsterdam and the entire Europe. STORK represents one of the most interesting examples of how to renovate an industrial warehouse, being part of a 15-year-long project of requalification of a 30.000 square meter area that will be turned into Amsterdam’s hot spot of the future.

Beyond the restaurant, the space includes a café separating the bar from the actual dining area. The natural illumination, one of the strongest points of the project, has been created by enlarging the existing windows which were previously located too high to see the fascinating view on one of the city’s main canals and its harbor. Another separation-element is the continuous wall hiding every facility such as the kitchen which can be seen through the dedicated openings.

The industrial feel recurs not only in the building framework but also in the interior design itself thanks to the eclectic employment of several elements – such as the huge cable reel by Draka – in order to create an impacting venue without going off topic in terms of material. Thanks to its space division, STORK offers a multi-faceted context with many different atmospheres, proving that an industrial area can turn trendy without losing its original identity.

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