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Stefano Rigolli: design recipes
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Besides the home accessories and furniture, to decorate the house there is FoodMade. A collective exhibition presented during the Salone del Mobile 2013, at the Padiglione Italia of Ventura Lambrate, with the objective of reflecting on the theme of food by producing 17 “project cooking”, signed by young designers, to develop new projects on the theme using food as creative element. FoodMade has offered the opportunity to create proejects not about food, but taking inspiration from it, becoming not just an ingredient in a recipe, but a symboliic ingredient in a creative and procutive process.
Amongst the 17 designers invited to present their concepts was Stefano Rigolli who, with his “Ho Fare”, was directly inspired by our primordial instict to feed.

Like all the elements exposed during the exhibition, the projects don’t want to simply be home accessories or products destined for mass production, but they also want to create some contemplations at the event. Stefano starts from the relationship between man and food, essential fuel of our creativity, thinking, and acting and transforms it from an ingredient in the kitchen to the reigning element of an artefact of which it is the protagonist. The designer wants to refer symbolically to the possibility of immediately and impulsively satisfying the hunger for solutions and for a reasonable approach to problems.
Food escapes the boundaries of its meaning and becomes part of something and gains an added value that tranforms it into precious material that comes directly from nature. Design discovers new horizons leaving behind ceramics, wood, metal as primary materials, and uses food, precious source of life, as a primary element for new recipes that leave part of its flavour behind to concentrate on form.


FOTO: Courtesy Stefano Rigolli



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