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St. Petersburg Design Week: the curtains close
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The sixth edition of St. Petersburg Design Week closed its doors on June 1. For six years already, the event has been taking the city to the international design stage, turning the entire country into the core of modernity. The latest edition focused on a sensory approach to design that involved any human sense beside sight, for a comprehensive unique experience of such discipline that affects our everyday life. The rich program of the St. Petersburg Design Week featured many international guests such as Maarten Baptist, Marianna Piccolo and Sissa Sundling, confirming the cooperative side of the festival that strongly collaborates with many European countries.

The multidisciplinary approach of the event was also proved by one of its location, the captivating Au Pont Rouge, that is the headquarter where fashion, culture, technology and history gather. As always, the schedule of St. Petersburg Design Week included a wide range of happenings, workshops, talks, seminars, aimed at promoting the huge value and potential of Russian design through the international dialogue between creatives, producers and professionals. The international feel of the festival was further proved by several events such as Design Week Expo, Swiss Made and Northern Design Lights. Thanks to its multifaceted offer, addressing not just professionals and design lovers but also students and families, the sixth edition of St. Petersburg Design Week turned out to be another big success, proving the ever-growing design appeal of the city.


PHOTO COURTESY: St. Petersburg Design Week

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