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Space10 Ikea: a Hi-Tech home with a green soul
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A 1000 sqm former fish shop in Copenhagen's Meatpacking district now hosts a homey space designed by local Spacon & X studio with designer Maaike Fransen, and decorated with Ikea furniture. Everything was produced by using natural materials only, such as wood and straw, as well as by relying on natural illumination through the employment of wide semi-transparent walls.
Space 10 is the result of the will to gather an ever-growing community of designers, artists, technicians and creatives from all over the world to create, develop, produce prototypes that can enhance people's lives by reducing consumption and waste: that is, according to Ikea, the lifestyle of the future, with a particular focus on sustainability. The first project, Fresh Living Lab, was created by 12 designer from Institute of Interaction Design of Copenhagen, including Icelandic designer Unnur Valdis Kristjansdottir, London-based food designer Jacopo Sarzi and London's The Workers studio. Together, they create a conceptual product range exhibited at Space10, amid regular Ikea products.

The space also hosts exhibitions, events and workshops, to chill out in a cutting-edge space where event employees work on new ideas and inspirations.
The Space 10 smart house hosts many futuristic technologies, including:
Smart Wall, whose colors change to notify the water and electricity consumption in the house; a chair that can be lifted through a mobile app to make people stand up when they are being too lazy; natural herbs that scent the space: the Cloud Burst faucet that tracks water fluxes and turns red if there's any major waste; Vāyu – a small device that opens and closes windows based on the level of pollution outside; Heat Harvest – that turns electronic devices heat into electric energy, so that you can for instance charge your phone by even using a hot cup of tea on the table.
Thanks to the collaboration with food designer Bo Lindegaard, Space10 also hosts a bar that investigates the relationship between food consumption and production, allowing customers to personalize their own snacks.
Living in a green, smart, sustainable, efficient, hi-tech, automated house represents the major aim not just for tech lovers but for anyone willing to help the planet.



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