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Southport Residence: Gold Coast interior design
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A three storey luxury pool villa on Australia’s Gold Coast, Queensland. The project was by BGD Architects studio which designed the interior design in a stylish yet simple way. The interior design is spacious and bright, overlooking an immaculate exterior enriched by a pool put under a refined glass “cage”. The property is characterized by the contrast between the brightness of the layout and the darkness of the wood floor.

The beamed ceiling and the walls are all painted in white to emphasize the bright side of the interior, clashing with the dark color of the floor which also contrasts the dust-like hue of the stairway, creating an unexpected balanced feel.
A not-overwhelming interior decorated with simple pieces of furniture, such as wood and straw chandeliers, country cupboards and floral prints, as well as precious interior design details combined to particular choices like the glass walls that create a continuum between the outside and the inside, which also features two wood oars against one wall. Southport Residence is meant to be a huge fully equipped everyday house, hosting even a private library with a sliding ladder, a big bathroom with freestanding furniture and a pool patio to be enjoyed at all time.


PHOTO: Courtesy BGD Architects

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