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SLEEPBOX: the itinerant box
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Sleepbox, by Russian Arch-Group studio - founded in 2007 by di Alexey Goryainov and Mikhail Krymov , seems to reflect the current world’s frenzy by offering a tiny space where to rest even for a couple of minutes. Launched in 2009 at Sheremetyevo Moscow Airport, it consists of an MDF actual box measuring 2 meters x 1.4, with a 2.30 meter height like an actual house bedroom. It hosts two beds, one on top of the other, featuring cloth-clad polymeric foam mattresses with a automatic mechanic lining replacement for any new guest.

The box features any comfort such as led lighting, phone chargers, a pc, a small desk, ventilation, Wi-fi connection, LCD tv and a luggage facility. It can be reserved for as long as you want by using the dedicated system.

The success of the project resulted in the creation of an hotel at TrevskayaYamskaya Street of Moscow, near Belorusskiy station from which you can reach the airport by Aeroexpress trains. The hotel is still based on the box-concept, with four floors hosting in order of appearance: the reception with a white Corian desk as well as a lounge area; double rooms on the second and third floors; single rooms on the fourth floor. The double rooms feature natural wood colors whilst the single rooms are all about black and white. Like the airport boxes, each room features any comforts, is near the shared toilet and shower facilities, located on any floor.

A futurist hotel that can be put together in any type of building as long as electricity and furniture are provided.


PHOTO: courtesy Arch-Group

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