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Simone: a male name for a female soul
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An avant-garde collection demands much creativity to always renew itself, as proved by Spanish furniture brand Missana’s “The Novelties” range, which has recently greeted an additional member of the family. The new piece is by Valencia-based Sputnik interior design studio, whose work focuses on innovation, functionality and interaction with the user. For Missana the studio designed a sofa that proves that elegance and femininity are always hand in hand, stressing the importance of form when it comes to design items. Simone is a unique piece of furniture that catches the eye in any environment, due to the captivating curve of its shape which is the result of a keen research aim at creating a sofa that could be good looking from any point of view, not just from the front.

This makes Simone the actual leading actor of any room, where to find it in a central position rather than against a wall, to appreciate its uniqueness from any angle. Thanks to its sensual shape and its eye-catching look, this sofa flirts with people who get impressed by the suspension of its back, which is separated from the seat through small golden bars. Customization is another crucial trait of the project, as Simone is available in many colors and fabrics to suit any taste, whilst its metal structure with wood legs brings an exotic feel to any interior. Light and sensual, the sofa’s shape reminds of a piano, which makes Simone an elegant and timeless piece of furniture.

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PHOTO COURTESY: David Rodríguez & Carlos Huecas

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