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Silver House: greek purity
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Where do architecture, design and environment meet? Probably on Greece’s Zante island, home of today’s amazing project. Silver House is a house that mixes together the best of contemporary style as well as a traditional feel: drawing inspiration from the history of vernacular architecture is in fact crucial to fit harmoniously into our contemporary time, according to Olivier Dwek, founder of the namesake studio that signed the project. Born in Bruxelles in 1970, the architect launched his firm in 2000, and has been dealing with any form of architecture since, by also working on commercial projects for renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton. Olivier Dwek’s body of work reflects a rigorous, subtle quest for formal purity, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of an asceptic, cold aesthetic.

A virtuoso of volumetrics, an alchemist of light, he shapes interiors that have the aura of a museum and at the same time cultivates a spirit of conviviality, comfort and ergonomic innovation. A unique approach exalted by Silver House where natural light takes over: the sun is one of the key factors of the project as well as the crucial element of the isle’s lifestyle: located on the hillside, overlooking the sea, the house combines itself with the isle’s atmospheric agents. Once sheltered from the wind, the project’s main focus was blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior: immense sliding doors open the sitting and dining rooms onto the patio, thereby forming two covered terraces. Facing the Klein blue of the sea, the white rendering sparkles like the foam on the waves, as each room of the space is oriented towards the fascinating seaside.



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