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Silhouette: artistic design
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Sometimes design objects get compared to art works because of the designers’ expressiveness and flair, as well as their particular shape and lines reminding of contemporary art, with which those items share a crucial feature. That is the concept that lies behind a project, the individual point of view that gets embodied by the final product. Today’s project explains this very well. Silhouette is a crystal candlestick by Prague-based Atelier Pelcl designed for Czech quality brand Moser. Being one of the most important studios of the nation, Jiří Pelcl’s atelier deals with architecture, interior design and product design bringing the best quality to its clients. The key for success is Pelcl’s experience: the much awarded founder is also an influential personality in the country’s academic field, having been the chancellor of Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design for three years. Because of his strong link with the art field, Jiří Pelcl’s are exhibited in many museums all over Europe.

Silhouette candlestick is characterized by an irregular jagged shape aimed at representing the troubled state of this contemporary era, made of contradictions and movement. Thanks to its sharp edges, created by using slanting lines, this design item embodies the dynamics of our age. Silhouette was handcrafted in a limited 100 piece range through an eco friendly process, as the hand blown crystal is lead free. The quality material was then hand cut and hand polished to become excellently sparkly. This brilliance makes Silhouette make the most of its colors , in a play of shades that brings this design piece a kaleidoscopic feel.



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