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Shugaa: the sweetest design
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More than a café, more than a design venue, more than a French corner: today's featured project is characterized by interesting elements both in terms of interior design and location, as it lies in Thailand where it's still quite unusual to run into such amazing projects. Dedicated to French desserts only, Shugaa is certainly based on two keywords. The first is “astonishment”, as it surprises its clients with a refined look and a tasty menu created by a local chef. The second word is “sugar”, as the decoration is based on the molecular body of sugar, that is crystals. They are recalled in the suspended polygon right in the middle of the space, that drags the attention from outside through the massive glass on the front.

Moreover, the crystal shape also recurs in the polygon shaped wall made from the special building technique, which gives the downstairs room a particular dimension. On the lower floor you have the dessert room with tables; a massive yet light winding staircase – that is the mark of the venue – takes you upstairs where you can actually view the dessert preparation by the chef. Finally, there is a private area that is ideal and quite place for having dessert while reading and working. Besides, it can be rearranged to a workshop area that is open for on topic workshops, to make the place useful to the local community. Designed by Bangkok-based party/space/design studio, the space features a subtle palette with natural colors warmed and livened up by hints of copper and mint. The final result is very light, due to the balance between empty and full volumes, as proved by the boxes that compose the staircase. Thanks to its decoration, Shugaa is a bold yet refined place where to taste delicious dessert without any guilt.



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