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Sacred Geometries
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Forget the old grandma-style wallpaper: now you can boost your interior in a luxury design way thanks to Callidus Guild’s creations, which turn the interior walls into the core element of a space by using plasters, paper panels and hand-painted pictures.

Along the color, powder and design motif range, the brand has launched an ultra modern project, Sacred Geometries,mixing rigid geometrical forms and eco-friendly materials. The wallpaper features three designs available in several colors: Tessellation, Folded Origami e Pennants.

Each pattern has its own shape and symbolism, such as rhombuses, Asian paper-folding-like designs, and finally triangles.

Moreover, every element can be customized in terms of size and design. All you have to do is be imaginative and trust the artisans! 


Photo Courtesy Callidus Guild   

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