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Rocha Apartment: design in the heart of Barcelona
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Space renovation and re-organization for an elegant, bright, budget-wise holiday home: this is the challenge faced in Barcelona, on the sixth floor of a central Sixties building, by Colombo and Serboli architecture studio. In order to rearrange the space, all the pre-existing partitions were demolished, creating - on the one hand - a sense of openness, and allowing – on the other – the making of as many as four bedrooms, just like the clients wanted. The concept of openness is particularly embodied by the living room, especially by the new relax space that creates a unique continuum between indoor and outdoor, being the link between the living space and the terrace – which used to be closed by a roof. Typical “rasilla” terracotta tiles decorate the flooring both inside and outside - as well as the seats of the relax area - creating sort of an optical illusion where you can’t really tell what is inside and what is outside.

Throughout the apartment, custom tube structures functionally decorate the space with a very light touch: white is one of the leading colors of the apartment, as further proved by the matte kitchen tiles. Overall, the project palette features clear, subtle and natural hues, with some bold hints of color – such as turquoise, green and yellow – aimed at differentiating the night area rooms, separated from the day area by a pivoting wooden door. Openness keeps recurring in the bathroom showers, which feature no curtains, as well as in the massive use of glass and – more broadly – in the intense natural light that comes through the many windows of the apartment. The final result is a much detailed space - with unique design decorations such as custom Japanese cushions - where simplicity and vividness perfectly merge.



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