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Rising designers: Gennaro Comunale and its sculptures
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The background of this young Neapolitan sculptor consists of art school studies, bachelor degree in architecture at the University of Naples, the with the great artist Jurek Sztekiel and the innate passion for art. The artist turns its hobby into a real and concrete work placing side by side the architecture and the design. His aim is to spread this passion for art amongst all people, young and old, to communicate his devotion for this kind of art.

Their creations are completely far from the industrial production and they voluntarily leave behind  the concept of standard.

Gennaro’s furniture is hand-made and thanks to his unique or limited edition products becomes well-known and recognized. The most significant events in Milan as MACEF fair and in Naples show his works as the mosaic sittings.

The three sittings made by the artist are realized through a poplar internal structure and covered by a mosaic made up of oak and cherry essences cubes 1cmx1cm. A work that merges together art, passion and sustainability where wood is taken from parquet and wood working wastes to be re-utilized as raw material.

The work of this artist continues with another series of furniture as the desk and the Strips console. They are MDF sculptures painted through poplar soft wood joist that constitute the feet beeswax refinished to be always coherent with sustainable principles. The result is the manifesto of alternative and contemporary design different from usual desks that you find in the shops.

If you want to distinguish your home from standard creations and you would like to enrich it through creativity you know who is the best artist to consider.


Photo: Courtesy Gennaro Comunale

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