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Rise: multifunctional sofa
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When It comes to design products, Scandinavian style represents one of the most distinguishable and particular currents. Today’s piece of furniture is a pretty classic design sofa, yet defined by typical Nordic elements. Created for Swedish brand Fogia, Rise was designed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio and launched on the occasion of the last design week held in the capital. 

Founded in 2008, Note Design Studio is named after its own mission, that is to be noticed, to create unique design items through a specific study aimed at turning non-material values into actual products, in order to achieve a bold result.

Strong personality is certainly one of the features of Rise, first of all because of the wood base on which the soft upholstered shape rests, with a characteristic tension in its high back. Rise has been designed to suit both private and public environments, a challenge successfully achieved thanks to its unique design. On the one hand, the wrap-around back shields off a conversation in the sofa from an open floor plan in a typical office space; on the other, it has a natural place in a home environment, where it is soft and inviting, creating a homely, friendly and welcoming feel.

These are not the only functions of Rise. Thanks to its integrated table opening up on the side, this sofa proves to be a complete piece of furniture ready to hold your favorite book, a plant or even a lamp. In this way, it creates a further connection with both the environment and its users.


PHOTO COURTESY: Note Design Studio

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