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Rebuild through Art: Super Max Archer of the artist Daniele Basso
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During the Media Apero event held on Sunday the 18th of December at La Villa di Badia in Alta Badia, where the presentation of the book "Max Blardone – oggetti, aneddoti e pensieri del nostro campione" took place, which retraces with pictures the sporting events and the life of this Champion, a book with a deep emotional content created by the Fan Club Max Blardone and whose proceeds will be entirely donated to a project in favor of the earthquake victims, the artist Daniele Basso presented his work "Super Max Archer".
A work in two dimensions, with a limited edition of 35 pieces, which contributes to the beneficial fundraising promoted and organized by Max Blardone as recognition and incentive to benefactors who will have been the most generous at the end of the project.

"When Max Blardone - explained Daniele Basso - a dear friend of mine and an authentic champion in life and in sport, he told me about his project, I thought of the importance of the art in the physical and moral reconstruction processes of the areas hit by the earthquake, and I decided to contribute ... this work was born as a concrete thanks, expressed through art, to those who help these families, deprived of their houses, of the goods and sometimes of the dearest affections, to "never give up"!

In fact, Art helps to become aware of the world through emotions. It expresses the deepest essence of man, who finds his own individual and collective identity. It is impossible to imagine the meaning of losing everything, but in the midst of tragedy and pain of the destruction of matter, it is also necessary to treat the spirit with beauty. To regain the courage to dream about the future, even better than the lost past. To celebrate life with strength and dignity, and restore luster to a wonderful piece of Italy and its culture of excellence!
This is how this work was created, it transforms "Super Max", in the pose of the Archer, into a symbol not only of victory at the end of the race, but also of strength and determination of "who never gives up". Aware that victory is built one step after another. Where the arrow is a metaphor to go beyond the difficulties, in the chosen direction. Beyond their own limits, towards new challenges, with courage and dignity. Turning the incentive to survival into desire and seeking a better world.


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