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Railroad station cottage by Zecc Architects
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Beside Dutch Santpoort-Noord railway station, a cottage has been turned by Zecc Architects studio into an unconventional location mixing together artificial and natural. The property’s look is inspired by its “in the middle” location, put between two contrasting entities: the steel station and the immaculate South Kennemerland National Park.

The cottage is a big rectangular block sectioned into three parts: the inner central  ne is the original part of the property whilst the two edges, recently built, present an ultra modern look and big glass walls. The original frame work has been preserved and mixed with the new segments: the outer red bricks and pillars perfectly match the glass and white walls characterizing the most recent parts of the property. Thanks to the employment of glass, the modern living room looks like immersed in the garden. Railway House is a three stories space featuring a bedroom in the basement and the living room caught between the original and the new part of the property. A place combining old and new with also an ethnic feel. The key element is the play between different contrasting elements such as a Persian rug and a surfboard, as well as the white stairway and the varnished shelves. An unconventional place unconventionally located.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Zecc Architects

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