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QUADRILATTE: the new limited edition rug collection
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Ekaterina Elizarova is the first Russian designer to collaborate with the premium rug brand Urban Fabric Rugs. "Quadrilatte", this is the name of the collection, marks the beginning of what promises to be the first of a series of future collaborations.
Until today, only two limited edition collections were featured in the product range of the brand which has been known for being quite picky about designers to collaborate with.
Urban Fabric Rugs is famous all over the world for its rugs collections inspired by city maps. Like a fingerprint, every city has its own urban form, which makes it unique and recognizable from every other city. Unique design rugs of their kind and characterized by a high quality craftsmanship.
Skilled weavers painstaking hand-knot each rug in a family-run mill in northern India, now in its third generation of operation.
Skilled weavers scrupulously work each carpet in a family-run mill in northern India, now in its third generation. The manufacturing process is Good Weave Certified, meaning there is no child labor involved in the entire production process. In fact, the entire process is carefully controlled with the highest social and ecological standards in place. Rugs, meticulously meticulously hand-knotted and hand-cut, are virtually indestructible heirloom pieces; the 100% New Zealand virgin wool and Chinese silk are tied in a manner that prevents fibres from loosening and falling out. Rugs that celebrate high craftsmanship and tradition and that can be found in museums, art galleries, and private collections.

As regards the collection created by the Russian designer, "Quadrilatte" comes from the idea of the patterns drawn on the surface of the latte, recognized and loved by everyone for their incredible softness and lightness. Features that Ekaterina proposes in her limited edition collection distinguished by two chromatic concepts that are based on the traditional notions of masculinity and femininity.
Warm pearl hues and subtle golden tones that are found in the classical Russian ballerina costumes define the feminine series; cooler, darker grey tones, monochromatic in their coloration and inspired by gentleman’s cigar lounges define the masculine collection.
A combination of warm and cold colors, feminine and masculine, allow the rugs to be considered in a number of sophisticated interior settings, both accenting and exuding luxury at its most refined level.
Moreover, these rugs, whose texture at first sight may seem rigid, hide a velvety and ultra-soft surface, like a cloud, thanks to the use of mixed fibers of silk and wool. A blend of fibers that has been specifically calibrated to absorb and reflect light in order to give the entire surface a sense of luxurious depth, density and volume. Shadows appear and disappear, pleasing to the eye as you move around the rug and the silky textures surprise and delight the sense of touch.
A limited edition collection that will be available in a select series of sizes and colors, each limited to twelve original copies, and it will be launched at key galleries and showrooms worldwide. Each rug will also include a quality certificate along with a metal tag providing information about its unique number, collection and designer name.


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