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QT Gold Coast: a designer hotel inspired by the eclectic personality of its clients
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On one of the most famous coastlines of Australia, the Gold Coast outside Brisbane, lies a designer hotel that brings the hospitality concept to a new level, thanks to an entertaining yet relaxing offer that seems to reflect the lively personality of its clientele. The lobby is the first statement of the facility, with a decoration style recalling the legendary Fifties and Sixties: custom design furniture and multicolored walls are elegantly scattered everywhere, creating a fun yet elegant atmosphere. Color and refinement keep occurring in each of the 297 rooms of the QT Gold Coast designer hotel as well as in the so called “designer spa” which introduces a new idea of spa, with a colorful “surf-chic” style inspired by Australia’s beaches.

Green, natural hues and hints of blue replace the predictable all-white spa palette, with many design pieces and rugs – strongly employed in the living area too – aimed at embracing the clients after a relaxing treatment. The bigger news in the offer of QT Gold Coast designer hotel is the dining area, where instead of a simple restaurant and bar you have a vibrant cocktail bar/club where to drink, eat and dance, but most of all an actual bazaar where to taste many different kind of meals, from pizza to Asian food. Nic Graham, the mind behind the project of this designer hotel, created a facility that mixes the past – recalled by the 50’s inspiration of the design decoration- with the most cutting-edge present – as proved by the unique services offered by the QT Gold Coast. In this way the hotel seems the most successful merge amid a luxury facility and a cool beach resort where to chill out and have fun.


PHOTO COURTESY: The Mint Partners

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