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Alberto Crucitti’s passion for design is the result of a fascination with what he refers as the “Golden era” of design, starting from the Fifties until the late Seventies. His strong passion brought him to study every detail of the design of that era, such as colors, lighting systems and techniques, even the lamp cables. This resulted in the creation of Psykea brand, especially dedicated to the old good times. Psykea products are strongly linked to Crucitti’s passion for vintage design, however they’re not just mere replicas but a perfected updated version of the objects from the past era. Psykea lamps are made of blown glass, combining a vintage design with the latest technology. Alberto Crucitti’s passionfills up every aspect of his life, such as his own home which is decorated only with furniture from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. His lamps are handcrafted in blown glass by using cast iron molds: in this way he creates very light lamps evoking a far stylish era.   

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 201, Psykea has presented its latest lamps: 3Angle, Ufo60, Goccia and Botte. All of them are available in several different hues peculiar to the 20th century art such as yellow, blue, green, red, white and orange. Moreover, these products are all specifically characterized by a moderate price. 3Angle is a different-sized-lamps cascade, to be hanged from the ceiling or to be put in quite empty spaces.   Ufo60 lamppresents a design loosely inspired to a space shuttle, Goccia has a more modern allure and looks like a solidifying liquid glass drop, Botte is characterized by a dynamic shape. Vintage on the outside, ultra contemporary on the inside.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Psykea 

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