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Prefabrication turns glamour
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Living in a frenzied era means developing more and more needs. American company  Connect Homes may be one of the answers people need, thanks to its ready-made prefabricated fully-equipped houses for sale, to be put wherever a client wants. The company targets those who can’t stand or afford  building their own home from scratch, by offering a 90% complete house whose glamorous interior is fully furnished, thanks to the collaboration with designer Kishani Perera

Each house features living room, kitchen, dining room, one bathroom and one bathroom. Unlike average prefabricated homes, these have a strong and colorful character: Perera created a trendy interior by mixing on-line and local store furniture as well as some West Elm pieces. Wood details and ethnic pillows are combined with houndstooth armchairs and distinctive decorative objects. There’s also an external patio to be decorated according to the owner’s taste. An interesting project proving that luxury has nothing to do with the number of square meters.




PHOTO: Courtesy of Bethany Nauert for Kishani Perera

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