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PORTO FLUVIALE: donít call this a restaurant!
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The Ostiense district of Rome has been undergoing a strong change in the last years, turning into a trendy area that features many interesting venues such as Porto Fluviale.

The yellow venue fills an entire block, with a 900 square meter size (60 meters length) due to its former military warehousing use. The project is by Roberto Liorni’s studio, Dario Laurenzi consulting enterprise and many young Roman entrepeneurs.

The space is organized as a train, with 14 showcases along the block-long side. In this way the place is not just a restaurant where to have dinner, yet a venue to be enjoyed at any dine time.

The decoration varies based on the dining occasion: a polished marble counter for breakfast and aperitif; in.view bricks framing the ovens of the pizza corner which features dark red and blue-green tables made out of recycled wood by Liorni; a Fourties feel with majolica designs on wood tables and a dark red wine case for the tavern space.

The two wings of the building are linked by a living space featuring a long wood table whose unexpected feature is the induction hob by KitchenAid where anyone can cook.

Food and art are the main focus of the venue as proved by Skin Taste public art project sponsored by Porto Fluviale and the curator Adriana Rispoli with Incontri Internazionale d’Arte: every year three artists restyle the facade of the building by giving their interpretation of the evergreen theme: food.


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