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Born in Paris, designer Inga Sampé has been dealing with furniture, design items and textiles since 1993. Her expertise includes several Italian experiences such as the collaborations with Cappellini and Edra. Pinorama is one of her latest creations: in this case the designer focuses on a simple, intuitive and most of all useful design product.

Pinorama is in fact more than a simple board as it fits the personal needs of the users based on what they want to keep at their fingertips. Beside the actual board, the project also features different accessories like pen holders and mirrors, to be attached to the metal grid which also presents a couple hooks to hold random items like keys or usb cables. Metal is not the only material as the board also has a classic cork back which makes the product suiting both magnets and pinned pictures.

Cork is also the material of the additional shelves, available in two sizes just like the other accessories.

Light, handy and feminine, Pinorama comes in two sizes too (35,5 x 50 x 5 cm or 68 x 83 x 5 cm) as well as different colors based on the model: from dark blue to light blue, from white to butter, including red.


PHOTO COURTESY: Rasmus Norlander

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